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+ - Gene Variant Can Cause Nattering Nabobs Of Negativity->

Submitted by Freshly Exhumed
Freshly Exhumed writes: Researchers from the University of British Columbia, Cornell University and Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health report in the journal Psychological Science that a gene variant can cause individuals to perceive the negative side of every situation. UBC Prof. Rebecca Todd said the ADRA2b deletion variant influences not only emotional memory, which was previously known, but also amplifies a person's real-time perception of events, for better or for worse. "Some individuals are predisposed to see the world more darkly than others," Todd said. "What we found is that a previously known genetic variation causes some individuals to perceive the world more vividly than others and, particularly, negative aspects of the world."
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Gene Variant Can Cause Nattering Nabobs Of Negativity

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