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+ - Britain's MI5 head says Edward Snowden leaks are 'gift' to terrorists-> 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The Telegraph reports, "Oliver Robbins said the Edward Snowden revelations could lead “directly to widespread loss of life” and “threaten the internal stability of the UK”. Andrew Parker, the new head of MI5, used his first speech to launch a scathing attack on the leaks warning they had “gifted” the terrorists the ability to attack “at will”. He said revealing intelligence techniques had given fanatics the advantage that allowed them to evade detection. David Cameron, the Prime Minister, backed the comments. ... Sir Malcolm Rifkind, chairman of the parliamentary body which oversees the spy agencies, said leaks had been "damaging". He said the intelligence agencies should be trusted to operate in secret because they are not "political tools" of repression like security services in Russia and China. Sir Malcolm, chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee, told The Daily Telegraph: "When we know that Snowden has over 50,000 classified documents relevant to UK interests the idea that he or others would be able identify which are damaging to national security is naive. "Even knowing the technology that is available to GCHQ or MI5 or MI6 is valuable. Some of these terrorists are very, very smart. It's not like the old days when communication could only be by letter or telephone call."" — More at the Express and the BBC."
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Britain's MI5 head says Edward Snowden leaks are 'gift' to terrorists

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