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chicksdaddy (814965) writes "The Security Ledger has a story about the next-stage of interactivity: focus-based marketing. The story profiles technology by CrowdOptic, a Bay Area startup that is positioning its technology as the “killer app” for companies and marketers looking to leverage wearable technology like Google Glass.

Long and short: "Liking" stuff on Facebook is not cool. You know what's cool? Knowing what people like without them having to do or say anything. “If I know where you’re looking, I can interact with you in an elegant way. I know that you’re interested if you’re looking at something. I don’t need a hashtag, I already know its significant,” says CEO Jon Fisher.

CrowdOptic has been working with companies like L’Oreal to try to leverage the current generation of “ubiquitous” technology – smart phones. In June, the two companies partnered on an “augmented reality” demonstration at the Luminato Festival in Toronto.( Festival goers who downloaded a special mobile phone application could point their phones at different places around David Pecaut Square and view a “virtual gallery” of artworks that they could interact with using their mobile phones. Just replace those interactive pieces of art with product advertisements or location-based offerings, and you get a sense where all this is leading.

But wearable technology like Google’s Glass is a huge leap forward for a company like CrowdOptic. “I think the entire DNA of our company is to fulfill for wearable technology like Google Glass,” Fisher told Security Leder. Last month, CrowdOptic demonstrated an application for Glass and mobile devices that allowed users to launch a Hangout On Air based around a group focus — that is: what multiple people are looking at. ("

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Glass's Killer App: Focus-Based Marketing

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