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Submission + - Tweet this Spreadsheet: Twitter's (TWT) IPO Filing reveals $79.4 million loss (

McGruber writes: The Wall Street Journal has the news ( that Twitter Inc's plans for an initial public offering to raise $1 billion in a public offering have also revealed the financials behind the company: in 2012, Twitter took in $316.9 million and produced a loss of $79.4 million.

Twitter had previously shielded these figures by filing its initial IPO documents confidentially, under a new federal law.

Twitter has struggled to keep users online after newcomers satisfy their initial curiosity. Some analysts say the service isn't intuitive. For people without political agendas, brand images or music albums to market, the notion of broadcasting musings to strangers can be perplexing and the Twitter lingo of communicating through "retweets" and "hashtags" confusing.

"They certainly have a lot of work ahead of them to get mainstream America to understand" how Twitter works, said Brian Solis, an analyst at the Altimeter Group.

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Tweet this Spreadsheet: Twitter's (TWT) IPO Filing reveals $79.4 million loss

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