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+ - Leaked product listings show that B&N's new tablet will have a BT Keyboard->

Submitted by Nate the greatest
Nate the greatest (2261802) writes "Amazon got all the press this past week with the launch of the new Kindle Fire HDX tablets but they're not the only ones with new hardware on the way. A newly leaked product listing on the B&N website revealed that B&N is planning to release a Nook-branded bluetooth keyboard along with the new tablet and ereader. B&N already sells a BT speaker, a charging dock, and headphones, so this new keyboard is less of a shock and more of a confirmation that a new tablet is on the way.

And if that's not enough, B&N has also arranged for Wiley to publish a "For Dummies" book for the new tablet. There's no details yet on what the book will cover, but a listing for "Nook X for Dummies" has shown up in a number of ebookstores. It's also going to be available as a paper book and has a release date in late November."

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Leaked product listings show that B&N's new tablet will have a BT Keyboard

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