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Submission + - Leaked product listings show that B&N's new tablet will have a BT Keyboard->

Nate the greatest writes: Amazon got all the press this past week with the launch of the new Kindle Fire HDX tablets but they're not the only ones with new hardware on the way. A newly leaked product listing on the B&N website revealed that B&N is planning to release a Nook-branded bluetooth keyboard along with the new tablet and ereader. B&N already sells a BT speaker, a charging dock, and headphones, so this new keyboard is less of a shock and more of a confirmation that a new tablet is on the way.

And if that's not enough, B&N has also arranged for Wiley to publish a "For Dummies" book for the new tablet. There's no details yet on what the book will cover, but a listing for "Nook X for Dummies" has shown up in a number of ebookstores. It's also going to be available as a paper book and has a release date in late November.

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Leaked product listings show that B&N's new tablet will have a BT Keyboard

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