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+ - Icefog Espionage Campaign 'Hit and Run' Targeted Operation->

Submitted by msm1267
msm1267 (2804139) writes "An espionage campaign featuring precise targeting of victims and malware that allows the attackers one-on-one interaction with compromised systems has been uncovered. Government agencies, manufacturers, high tech companies and media organizations in South Korea and Japan have been the primary targets of the campaign called Icefog, which was reported today by researchers at Kaspersky Lab.
The China-based campaign is two years old and follows the pattern of similar APT-style attacks where victims are compromised via a malicious attachment in a spear-phishing email, or are lured to a compromised website and infected with malware.
However, while other APT campaigns maintain a long-term persistence inside infected networks, Icefog seems to do just the opposite. The attackers, Kaspersky researchers said, know what they need from a victim and once they have it, the target is abandoned. They’re also likely a small group of hired guns, akin to mercenaries, used to attack a particular group, steal data, and get out quickly."

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Icefog Espionage Campaign 'Hit and Run' Targeted Operation

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