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sciencehabit (1205606) writes "Like a hound sniffing the wind, NASA's Curiosity rover, the 899-kilogram, car-sized robot that landed on Mars 13 months ago, has analyzed the Red Planet's thin atmosphere and found no traces of the gas methane. That finding will disappoint many people, as methane is a potential sign of life. (Some microbes make it, and cows belch it in huge quantities.) It also puts the kibosh on claims that, at least occasionally, large clouds, or "plumes," of methane appear on Mars. Or so say the authors of the new work. The researchers who made some of the earlier observations are sticking to their guns."
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Not a Whiff of Life on Mars

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  • .. we can know if there was life on Mars, is to explore the planet using actual humans with the proper tools. And then again, for the most part, while wanting to know if there "WAS" life on the planet is something that we would really like to know, the more pertinent question is "can we somehow make it habitable for us?" What is on the planet which could help us make it viable? Obviously, in science fiction there is a concept of "terraforming" which we do NOT actually have the technology for, but in the

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