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+ - The DC naval Yard Shooter Was One Of Us 1

Submitted by mcgrew
mcgrew (92797) writes "Aaron Alexis, the 34 year old man who shot twenty people at the DC Naval Yards, killing a dozen, was a nerd. He was an IT contract worker for the Navy. What's more, he was an avid gamer. He was almost certainly a slashdotter. I wonder what his slashdot user name was, APK? Ethanol-Fueled? Chances are some of his victims were slashdotters as well, considering that some of the work that went on there was IT related. When I heard that he'd had run-ins with the law involving firearms, once shooting a hole in a ceiling and once shooting out a man's car tires, the question that hit me was "how in the hell did this guy get a clearance??" CNN wonders the same thing.

Former Navy SEAL Cade Courtley says a poor or incomplete background check is to blame. "Most people when they get into that, they are given an interim clearance and that means that the background check hasn't been done but it's in the process of being done," Courtley said. "He may have started out with an interim clearance and a background check should have been done." The former SEAL says just running Alexis' fingerprints would have turned up his arrest record.

The fact that this guy was a nerd brings it a little closer to home. I wonder if he ever killed me playing Quake ten or fifteen years ago? He may have fragged you in some combat game over the weekend for all you know."

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The DC naval Yard Shooter Was One Of Us

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