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+ - Any NSA moles out there? 3

Submitted by Vegemite
Vegemite (609048) writes "With all the fuss about Snowden I recognize there are many former employees of the NSA and how these ongoing revelations are going to affect them. The only former NSA employee I met was about the same time I was putting together a crypto library to test verilog code and subsequently the security chip for my employer. Access to the code base was universal. Heck, we're all on the same team, right? Now, this former NSA person would not have willingly given out a menu selection from the NSA cafeteria nor one reason for leaving his former employer. It seems to me that while this may be ordinary behavior for a former NSA employee, it also cultivates an air of suspicion. Considering the beligerant nature of the NSA towards our privacy, it seems only natural to suspect they have planted a few moles in selected security positions. If I were producing any cryptographic hardware or software products, all former NSA employees would be re-investigated just to save my company's credibility."
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Any NSA moles out there?

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