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+ - NASA asteroid mission 'turn on your touchy-feely side'->

Submitted by MarkWhittington
MarkWhittington (1084047) writes "In a sure sign that even NASA officials are having a hard time articulating the reasons for the proposed asteroid snatching mission, a September 12, 2013 story in the Los Angeles Times suggested that they are trying to sell it based on how cool it is.

“Having trouble getting excited about NASA's planned mission to redirect an asteroid? Maybe William Gerstenmaier can help.

"’Turn off your logical side and turn on your touchy-feely side, the one you almost never use,’ Gerstenmaier, associate administrator for NASA's Human Exploration and Operations Directorate, told attendees of an aeronautics and astronautics conference Wednesday in San Diego. ‘Then jump up and down and do some break-dancing. We're going to grab a space rock and we're going to move it!’”"

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NASA asteroid mission 'turn on your touchy-feely side'

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