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+ - Elop, Ozzie, Schwartz, Schlessinger in the mix for Microsoft CEO job

Submitted by rjmarvin
rjmarvin (3001897) writes "The frontrunners to fill Steve Ballmer's shoes http://sdt.bz/64103 range from former CTO Ray Ozzie and Nokia head Stephen Elop to Former Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz and Dr. Laura Schlessinger, not to mention the host of Microsoft insiders like COO Kevin Turner, CFO/CMO Tami Reller, and Skype head Tony Bates. Will Microsoft hold a Survivor-like challenge, voting candidates off the island and feeding the remaining contestants plain rice? Or will it end up being a boring, simple pick from a lineup of known suspects? All is fair in war and executive advancement."
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Elop, Ozzie, Schwartz, Schlessinger in the mix for Microsoft CEO job

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