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+ - Ask Slashdot: Cloud Service on a Budget? 3

Submitted by MadC0der
MadC0der (2422890) writes "We just signed a project with a very large company. We are a computer vision based company and our project gathers images from a facility from PA. Our company is located in TN. The company we're gather images from is on a very high speed fiber optic network. However, being a small company of 11 developers, and 1 systems engineer, we're on a business class 100mb cable connection which works well for us but not in this situation.

The information gathered from the client in PA is s 1½mb .bmp image, along with a 3mb Depth map file, making each snapshot a little under 5 megs. This may sound small, but images are taken every 3-5 seconds. This can lead to a very large amount of data captured and transferred each day.

Our facility is incapable of handling such large transfers without effecting internal network performance.

We've come to the conclusion that a cloud service would be the best solution for our problem. We're now thinking the customer's workstation will sync the data with the cloud, and we can automate pulling the data during off hours so we won't encounter congestion for analysis.

Can anyone help suggest a stable, fairly price cloud solution that will sync large amounts for offsite data for retrieval at our convenience (nightly Rsync script should handle this process)?

What would you use for this solution? Would be better off going with a Amazon type service?

Need some expert advice that has dealt with a similar situation before."
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Ask Slashdot: Cloud Service on a Budget?

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  • I actually work with a company called TechnologyAdvice.com, and we're just finalizing a new version of our Smart Advisor tool that will let people/businesses compare cloud storage and backup options. It won't be ready until next week though, but a few products did jump to mind when I read your question.

    I'd check out Strongspace [strongspace.com] first. The pricing is pretty reasonable, and users can access stored cloud data through SFTP and rsync. It also allows for a lot of customization in terms of security, automated band

  • Most .bmp files compress very well (even losslessly using zip if not png, or consider jpeg if you can tolerate lossy compression). So be sure to play around with that because it could easily cut your data transfer/storage bills in half and more than double your performance by just shuffling around less data.

    Might be worthwhile looking at a live sync service like Dropbox or Google Drive, because the convenience of auto semi-live syncing could be worth the cost when you're doing live troubleshooting with y

  • 2 approaches

    1) what you said with batching the work - just find someone who will assist, I also live in TN and can think of a couple of different local guys with data space that could assist that may synergize well with your company. One has space and cheap bandwidth in major exchange points like TELX.
    2) Wan acceleration - this data sounds highly compressible, especially over time. It might be worth going that route and maintaining control. Cisco WAAS comes to mind, or competitor products.

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