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+ - Can a 4K TV fool people into thinking they're about to get hit by an asteroid? 3

Submitted by The Bad Astronomer
The Bad Astronomer (563217) writes "A video is going viral showing people in a job interview. What they think is a window in the room is actually a new 4K (3840x2160 pixel) TV, and when it shows an asteroid screaming in over the city and impacting nearby, hilarity (more or less) ensues. It may seem unlikely, but it turns out the TV pixels really are small enough that from a short distance away, they can fool people into thinking they're seeing reality and not a video on a TV."
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Can a 4K TV fool people into thinking they're about to get hit by an asteroid?

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  • ...if people don't have good enough stereopsis to tell the difference between a flat screen two meters away, and a scene outside a window at infinity--even when they are free to move their head or rock their body to increase parallax--then 3D can't be worth paying much for.

    • by Carewolf (581105)

      It obviously a fake video with actors unless all the people invited in had trouble with depth perception.

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