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+ - Star Trek Blu-Ray Leaves Frustrated Fans Lost In Space-> 2

Submitted by sperlingreich
sperlingreich (1841352) writes "In what seems to be an attempt to bolster sagging DVD and Blu-ray sales Hollywood studios have begun offering “retailer exclusives” on releases of their hit titles. “Star Trek Into Darkness” is the latest example of how different versions of a movie are being paired with varying sets of special features based on which store the disc is being sold. Trekkies will have to purchase duplicate copies of the latest installment in the franchise in order to collect all the bonus material."
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Star Trek Blu-Ray Leaves Frustrated Fans Lost In Space

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  • by Merls the Sneaky (1031058) on Saturday September 07, 2013 @02:28PM (#44785059)

    Or get the superior version for free from The Pirate Bay. It's this sort of shit that drives people to piracy in the first place.

    • I've actually heard more than a few entertainment industry executives over the past week specifically state that this kind of activity only serves to increase piracy, and that in this instance, it almost seems justified. I was surprised to be hearing that from the very people that are financially affected by piracy.

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