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Submission Austrian Professor creates Kindle E-book copier with Lego Mindstorm->

An anonymous reader writes: Using a Lego Mindstorm set, a Mac, and optical character recognition, Austrian professor Peter Purgathofer created a makeshift ebook copier. From the article, "It’s sort of a combination of high tech meets low. The scanning is done by way of the Mac’s iSight camera. The Mindstorms set does two things: Hits the page-advance button on the Kindle (it appears to be an older model, like the one in the picture above), then mashes the space bar on the Mac, causing it to take a picture." Purgathofer calls the creation a "reflection on the loss of long established rights." Check out the Vimeo video for a demonstration.
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Austrian Professor creates Kindle E-book copier with Lego Mindstorm

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