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+ - Kim Dotcom resigns from Mega to fight extradition, run for office

Submitted by rjmarvin
rjmarvin (3001897) writes "The Internet mogul and founder of the infamous file sharing and storage service confirmed he has stepped down as director to fight his U.S. extradition case, develop Megabox--his revolutionary music platform--oh, and to start his own political party and run for office in New Zealand's elections next year. What about the cutting-edge encrpyted email service he promised? Well that's Chief Executive Vikram Kumar and new Director Bonnie Lam's problem now. Dotcom will have his hands full trying to "get New Zealanders a new submarine cable, fair Internet pricing & no more data caps. #Gimme5Percent.”"
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Kim Dotcom resigns from Mega to fight extradition, run for office

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