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whoever57 writes: On Saturday, Oracle Team USA and Team New Zealand begin racing for the America's Cup in the amazing AC72 boats. However, the Oracle team starts with a siginficant handicap. It was recently discovered that members of Oracle Team USA made illegal changes to the boats used in the Americas Cup Series (which is sailed in the smaller AC45 boats). After a hearing on Friday, the International Jury has decided on the penalty: Team Oracle will have to pay a fine, sail without some team members and more significantly, loses 2 points before starting the Americas Cup races against Team New Zealand. A tiny amount of weight had been added to the kingposts, in violation of the measurement rules for the class. This was reported to the measurement committee some weeks ago after its discovery by boatbuilders working for America's Cup Regatta Management (ACRM), not members of Oracle Team USA.
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Team Oracle penalized for rules violations

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