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+ - Parallels Access for iPad does for Windows what Microsoft didn't->

Submitted by mattydread23
mattydread23 (2793761) writes "Parallels this week released Access for iPad, a new version of its remote-access software that lets you run Windows desktop apps on your iPad. Reviewer Melissa Perenson writes it "isn't perfect, nor can it accomplish the impossible, namely transforming a desktop app — with its tiny text and icons and compact spacing that's optimized for mouse, not finger — into a touch-centric experience. However, what Parallels accomplishes is a refreshing surprise, especially in light of the design mess that is Windows 8." In other words, where Microsoft failed to bring the traditional Windows desktop into the touch age, Parallels does a pretty nice job. But it'll cost you — $80 per year."
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Parallels Access for iPad does for Windows what Microsoft didn't

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