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cartechboy (2660665) writes "Vulcans never bluff. Yesterday Nissan announced plans for self-driving cars by 2020. Turns out though, that autonomous driving tech is already coming from Mercedes Benz in, well, a few days. The 2014 S-Class (due in September) still requires a human behind the steering wheel but can steer itself through city traffic or drive on the highway at speeds upward of 120 miles an hour. The car uses radar, infrared and 26 separate optical sensors which can monitor traffic up to 656 feet in front of the vehicle. But the Germans are calling this 'just a first step.' Nailing the technology, the threat of lawsuits with car accidents (who was the driver?) and believe it or not, a concern about foggy weather are keeping the German engineers cautious. A little like Spock."
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Self-Driving Car Wars: Now Nissan is Kirk, Mercedes is Spock

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