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+ - Evidence of new artificial element might be found at Lunds University, Sweden

Submitted by gustapfo
gustapfo (647469) writes "From the article at Sveriges Radio (Swedish national radio):

"New elemental analysis
Posted: 6:47 pm, Science & Environment

Evidence for a new artificial element may have been found by physicists from Lund. The topic has the temporary name Ununpentium.

The super-heavy element have previously been seen in unconfirmed Russian and American experiments. In the new experiments have been clearer measurements of the radiation produced when the atom falls apart, and the result is therefore in accordance with what a chemical element with atomic number 115 should have. The experiment also provides new clues about its properties.

The results are published in The Physical review letters."

The element Ununpentium is mentioned previously on /."
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Evidence of new artificial element might be found at Lunds University, Sweden

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