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Grand Theft Auto IV blamed as 8yr old shoots woman

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  • Won't be because even 8 yo children hace access to guns
    • by UgLyPuNk (1166251)
      Of course not, you aren't allowed to blame guns for shooting people, apparently they have nothing to do with it. Its all about the dangerous out of control 8yo's, we must arm ourselves against them...sigh
      • by sjames (1099)

        Unless you claim that the demonic entity living in the gun possessed the boy and made him shoot, that is correct. The gun isn't at fault.

        The problem is parents not securing the gun from an 8yo and not teaching him that he must not touch a gun. Letting an 8yo play GTA is questionable as well.

        He should also know not to play Pirates of the Caribbean with a chef's knife and that trying to jump over oncoming traffic is a bad idea, but perhaps not in this case.

    • by MalachiK (1944624)
      This. Also, call me old fashioned, but I wouldn't have expected an 8 year old to be playing a game that can involve murdering prostitutes.
  • A occurred before B. Therefore B was caused by A. Unless the kid says he shot the woman because of GTA4 there is no reason to assume that.

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