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+ - Z's Security Team has Egg on its Facebook->

Submitted by Eugriped3z
Eugriped3z (1549589) writes "Whitehat Palestinian hacker, Kahlil Shreateh, submitted a bug report to Facebook's Whitehat bug reporting page, not once but twice. After it was ignored the first time and denied outright on the second occasion (which included links to an example as proof), he hacked Mark Zuckerberg's personal timeline, leaving both an explanation and an apology. Unbelievably, falling back on policy, Facebook's intrepid security warriors denied Mr. Shreateh the $500 reward due him because he'd broken their ToS polciy in order to submit the report they wouldn't investigate any other way. C'mon... it's not like he defaced the Wailing Wall. Seems like he should get extra credit for creativity as well as etiquette points for including an apology. Instead he got dissed for his perseverance."
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Z's Security Team has Egg on its Facebook

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