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+ - Pedo-Hacker Shouts Sex Abuse At 2 Year Old Child Using Baby Monitor Exploit->

Submitted by dryriver
dryriver (1010635) writes "A hacker was able to shout abuse at a two-year-old child by exploiting a vulnerability in a camera advertised as an ideal "baby monitor". ABC News revealed how a couple in Houston, Texas, heard a voice saying lewd comments coming from the camera, made by manufacturer Foscam. Vulnerabilities in Foscam products were exposed in April, and the company issued an emergency fix. Foscam said it was unable to provide a statement at this time.
ABC reported that Marc Gilbert and wife Lauren were left shaken when they heard a "British or European accent" coming from the camera. Mr Gilbert said the voice directed offensive, sexualised words at their daughter Allyson, who was asleep in bed. The family believed the hacker was able to call the child by her name because it was spelt out on the bedroom's wall. The two-year-old is deaf, something the couple described as "something of a blessing" in the circumstances. It is not clear whether the family had updated the camera with the latest software."

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Pedo-Hacker Shouts Sex Abuse At 2 Year Old Child Using Baby Monitor Exploit

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