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+ - Canonical's Edge phone is still the first attempt to get Mobile carrier's attn->

Submitted by bmullan
bmullan (1425023) writes "There are a LOT of linux users that have a beef with Canonical over Ubuntu. Some of those folks have technical reasons and some are just PO'd at Unity or whatever is the soup-d-jour complaint.

Ubuntu Edge is the first attempt I've seen to get some serious looks by the Mobile Carriers at ANY Linux implementation on a Phone .. and yes I know Android is related to Linux but Ubuntu Edge could really open a door for Linux in general here. Opening opportunities for future mobile phones that the Mobile Carriers will allow to have Ubuntu or "other" Linux implementations on them.

I am an ubuntu user and I have bought one of the Edge devices. My hope was that enough of the non-Ubuntu ... Linux community would see this as an "opening" for linux that everyone should try to support whether they are an Ubuntu user or not ... we are all Linux users... just sayin'"

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Canonical's Edge phone is still the first attempt to get Mobile carrier's attn

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