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+ - Sony Confirms Most PS4 Services Remain Free as Microsoft Continues Charging->

Submitted by DavidGilbert99
DavidGilbert99 (2607235) writes "Sony and Microsoft are both betting big on the launch of their respective next-gen consoles in a couple of month's time. But while Sony may have botched the unveiling of the PS4 ever since it has been making all the right noises and today it has made another one. It confirmed to Ed Smith at IBTimes UK that access to entertainment services such as BBC's iPlayer will remain free (though it will charge for online multiplayer games). Microsoft on the other hand has been making all the wrong noises and has confirmed traditionally 'free' services like YouTube and Skype (and offline game recording) will only be available to those paying a £40 Xbox Live annual subscription."
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Sony Confirms Most PS4 Services Remain Free as Microsoft Continues Charging

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