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+ - Top 5 Leaders in MS STEM Ed Contest Have 130% of Vote 1

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes "Lamenting the lack of Microsoft-caliber job applicants, Microsoft is tackling the CS education crisis with a popularity contest that will award $100K in donations — not quite the cost of a H.S. education at fave-of-Microsoft-execs Lakeside Prep — to five technology education nonprofits that help make kids technically literate. So it's all the more surprising that a look at the contest's Vote Leader Board with developer tools reveals that the top five leaders in Microsoft's STEM education contest have 130% of the vote, thanks to rounding code that transforms the original voting data into misleading percentages. For example, an organization receiving just 46 out of 6,735 votes would be credited with 10% of the vote instead of 0.68%. Hey, good enough for government work! So, can we expect to see similar rock-the-vote-code in future Microsoft Surface voting machines?"
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Top 5 Leaders in MS STEM Ed Contest Have 130% of Vote

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