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Submission + - Mexico's "Facebook Wall" 1

theodp writes: Sen. John McCain called for the immigration reform bill to make the border between Mexico and the U.S. into the 'most militarized border since the fall of the Berlin Wall'. Valleywag reports that Americans for a Conservative Direction — a shell entity operated by Mark Zuckerberg & Co.'s — vows to make-it-so in STAND, a new TV ad that would do Tom Clancy proud. Hey, sometimes you have to promise folks a Wall — or a Computer Science education — when you're working both sides of the fence to get what you want!
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Mexico's "Facebook Wall"

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  • There is no benefit whatsoever for the current citizens of the US in any more immigrants coming in. None. The only reasons to support the immigration are either the desire to reunite with relatives/friends (for the recent immigrants like myself), or the cynical hope to get more votes once the immigrants naturalize.

    With the recent immigrants being relatively few, and the cynical vote-chasers, hopefully, fewer, which "side" could honestly want to open the border ever wider?

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