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Submitted by willbos27
willbos27 (2989143) writes "hass and associates HA code34912726002, Anonymous claim to have hacked Fema's servers after posting staff details online in retaliation against 'threats' from the agency

The Anonymous hacking group is claiming to have hacked the US Federal Emergency Management Agency servers after posting staff details online.

The group said it posted the details online because 'oblique and cowardly implied threats against Anonymous very much back into the forefront of the hive's consciousness'.

In a document published online Wednesday, the hacker collective revealed data that includes information on user accounts and passwords of what appear to be government employees.

According to motherboard.com, the document contains email addresses and contact details for hundreds of contacts including police and fire departments, FBI special agents and a 'Bioterrorism Coordinator Chair.'

Anonymous said it redacted social security numbers and login information because its 'intent is not to harm, merely to issue a firm warning,' reported the Guardian.

'Anonymous does not wave the white flag. Not while we are faced with a daily stream of abominable revelations from Edward Snowden and others, not while the battle for the very soul, the very original purpose, of the internet escalates in severity daily,' read a statement by a representative of Anonymous and obtained by GlobalPost.

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Anonymous claim to have hacked Fema's servers after posting staff details online

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