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+ - All Your Skype Belong to US -- lol NSA-> 1

Submitted by sl4shd0rk
sl4shd0rk (755837) writes "Yep. That collective groan can mean only one thing. More NSA tinfoil turmoil coming. It may not surprise you that Microsft handed over it's encryption to the NSA for Email and chat, but it now appears that Skype video is also collected. When pressed on the issue, Microsoft at first stated "Skype produced no content in response to these requests” regarding requests from law enforcement. Microsoft doesn't quite mention however the non-content data which was turned over contained such things as SkypeID, name, e-mail account, billing information, and call detail records. Also, before you begin griping with "So, what? Stop with all the NSA stuff already!" at least educate yourself on why all of this exposure matters"
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All Your Skype Belong to US -- lol NSA

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  • Everyone knew when Microsoft bought Skype that they would give up the P2P encryption to the US government. But since most of Microsoft products are built on Skype that means a lot more products are open.

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