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Submission + - While Others Comply, HP Says It Would Fight PRISM Requests-> 4

judgecorp writes: Web giants are handing the NSA access to data, but Hewlett-Packard has apparently not yet had any PRISM demands — and says it would fight any that it does get. The strongly-worded statement came from HP's European privacy head, and contrasts with evidence from other vendors (most recently Microsoft apparently give access to encrypted Outlook.com messages) Is it just that HP doesn't hold the sort of customer data that NSA wants?
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While Others Comply, HP Says It Would Fight PRISM Requests

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  • That's nice and all, but with the revelation that HP has backdoors in their Enterprise Storage Systems, what exactly makes this revelation a trustworthy one? After all, why would the government need to fight HP if the hole is already there?
    • by AHuxley (892839)
      Yes the US gov has any OS sitting on their hardware and the network connecting any device.

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