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+ - Stanford Files Weev Amicus with Mozilla, Security and Privacy Experts 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Andrew Auernheimer ("weev") was convicted of a federal felony for something many of us do routinely: changing a user-agent and crawling a public website. His case is now on appeal in the Third Circuit. The Stanford Center for Internet and Society has filed an amicus brief, clarifying the technical issues and arguing that the conviction poses a grave risk to research. Signatories include the Mozilla Foundation and a litany of security and privacy luminaries."
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Stanford Files Weev Amicus with Mozilla, Security and Privacy Experts

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  • Good find. I left a comment. I'm not sure if they'll publish it, as it is too lengthy.

    It seems rather disingenuous to compare Weev-and-Gawker with any sort of legitimate, responsible behavior. There were so very many failures:
    1.Weev could have tried to contact AT&T. I understand the reasons for not doing so. One of them is the legitimate fear of being accused of wrong-doing oneself! I know that can happen. Or one may be ignored entirely. I have seen that too, on many professional and not-so-professional

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