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Submission + - New Zealand's NSA, the GCSB, suffers site outage with backup failure->

Bismillah writes: The Government Communications Security Bureau is amongst other things charged with looking after the security and robustness of NZ's communications infrastructure, and spying on the likes of Kim Dotcom — when it becomes legal after a law change.

Somewhat surprising to see GCSB being hosted by commercial operators, one of which appears to have put the spy agency site on the same IP address as a webserver with adult content, copyrighted movies and music, and licensed software.

Netcraft report on shows the site is running Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 which seems rather old. Site doesn't use SSL, the DNS zone isn't signed and no IPv6 support either.

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New Zealand's NSA, the GCSB, suffers site outage with backup failure

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