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+ - Can Techy Rideshare Startup, Lyft, Survive the SoCal Heat?

Submitted by Kyle Jacoby
Kyle Jacoby (2973265) writes "The app-powered on-demand ride-sharing startup, Lyft, has brought its trademark pink mustaches to San Diego. After a successful venture in San Francisco about a year ago, Lyft has since expanded to offer their services to other congested cities, like Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Chicago. Despite the utility of the service, Lyft and related services Sidecar and Uber, have recently come under fire from the city of Los Angeles, whose department of transportation issued cease-and-desist letters to the startup. It seems that the service has the taxi community in an uproar, who believe that Lyft ride-share drivers should be required to obtain the permits similar to those required of taxi drivers."
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Can Techy Rideshare Startup, Lyft, Survive the SoCal Heat?

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