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+ - AltaVista to shut down->

Submitted by no bloody nickname
no bloody nickname (2429300) writes "AltaVista, which was the once most visited search engine in the world, is to be shut down for good.
The search engine was launched in 1995 and quickly became the worlds largest search engine with more than 80 million recorded hits per day in 1997.
The success did not last, however. Attempts to compete with Yahoo! made AltaVista change into more of a web portal — a move which did not prove popular.
The popularity of the search engine rapidly declined and the more streamlined Google quickly overtook the spotlight as the premier search engine.
AltaVista was taken over by Yahoo! in 2003 and has most recently simply acted as a front for Yahoo! search. A complete turnabout from the late 90s when
AltaVista used to be the sole provider to power Yahoo! search."

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AltaVista to shut down

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