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+ - Former NSA Leakers: We Told You So->

Submitted by itwbennett
itwbennett (1594911) writes "Speaking at the Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference in Washington, D.C. Wednesday, two former NSA employees-turned-leakers said that Edward Snowden's leaks bolstered their own warnings. Thomas Drake, who was indicted on 10 felony counts that were later dropped, said that after 9/11, he saw the 'United States government, in the deepest of secrecy, unchaining itself from the Constitution.' William Binney, who in his time at the NSA developed a surveillance program called ThinThread, said that the NSA's mass collection of data 'buries' analysts. 'The biggest problem was getting data to a manageable level,' he said. 'We didn't have enough people, we couldn't hire enough people east of the Mississippi to manage all the data we were getting. The idea of collecting too much data is as bad as not being able to collect enough.'"
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Former NSA Leakers: We Told You So

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