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+ - Why Oh Why did Slashdot introduce auto-refresh on its homepage? 3

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Before I finished reading one story summary on the slashdot homepage I was annoyingly interrupted and taken to /?source=autorefresh. Why in the world would a site that adds a story every half-hour (random guess) need to do this? It is extremely annoying when I can't finish reading a summary before the page refreshes, starts at the top, and jumps back down to where I was reading."
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Why Oh Why did Slashdot introduce auto-refresh on its homepage?

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  • Another vote for turning off autoCraptasticRefresh Ive been AnonymousCoward for years, almost since the month the site first launched, i remained loyal through all of the design "improvements" and CorporateOverlord-ing - and THIS is what it took to make me create an account so i could yell about the abortion that some web-minister has foisted on all the readers! I'm tempted to close this account and wander the web looking for a replacement news source.
  • New used stories appear with out need to reload the page, but I guess that represents lower add impressions. You can add to the annoying changes the Newer and Older buttons that didnt exist a few months ago.
  • A bug made it into a code push, and the engineering team fixed it a few hours ago.

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