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+ - New EU rules require ISPs, Telcos to come clean within 24 hours of data breach-> 1

Submitted by hypnosec
hypnosec (2231454) writes "Under new EU regulations ISPs and Telcos serving European customers will have to come clean within 24 hours in case of a security or data breach that leads to theft, loss or compromise of data. Companies will have to disclose the nature and size of the breach within the first 24 hours and wherever it’s not possible to submit such data, they must “initial information” within the stipulated time with full details within three days. Under the new terms the affected organizations will be required to reveal information such as information that has been compromised and the steps that have been taken or will be taken to resolve the situation. If the breach "is likely to adversely affect" personal information or privacy, affected businesses and consumers will be notified of the breach."
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New EU rules require ISPs, Telcos to come clean within 24 hours of data breach

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  • Seriously, when an organization is served a FISA warrant within the US, the usual GAG ORDER obviously will apply. However when a non US entity is aware that NSA wiretapping has occurred with or without FISA warrant; is the company complied under EU regulations to disclose that breach to users?

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