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+ - Summer Solstice Stupid Daytime Lighting Challenge->

Submitted by An dochasac
An dochasac (591582) writes "I already know about the energy wasted by sprawling cities and gas-guzzling cars, but when I moved to Ireland I was amazed at the number of outdoor lights which were burning 24 X 7 X 365. I noticed that the outdoor floodlight in my rented home didn't even have an off switch. It was hard-wired into the same circuit which powered all of the lights and appliances in the kitchen and living-room. Is it really cheaper to run lights continuously rather than provide a power switch? What can we do about this? Is this common in other parts of the world? GreenProphet challenges readers to count these lights and try to do something about them."
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Summer Solstice Stupid Daytime Lighting Challenge

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