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+ - PDP-11 still working in Nuclear Plants - for 37 more years-> 1

Submitted by Taco Cowboy
Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "Most of the younger /. readers never heard of PDP-11, while we geezers have to retrieve bits and pieces of our affairs with PDP-11 from the vast warehouse inside our memory lanes

PDP-11, the old work horse, are still proving their worth in GE nuclear plants, and they will be working there for 37 more years, until year 2,050

Which means, they are still trying to look for people who can work PDP-11

If you are out of a job, a knowledge of PDP-11 assembly language may land you a very comfy living


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PDP-11 still working in Nuclear Plants - for 37 more years

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  • My old memories of it are that it is as easy as 68k cpus.

    So why bother, just use modern compilers, to generate the .asm files from C code and then ASM then on the machine.

    If its doing the same basic job, its no different , to that old 1992 VCR with its own firmware running forever, if its running today, it will run foreever, unless it has TOD bugs.

    But bring any modern hacker, and with all protocol specs, you could probably rewrite the old shit in new JS or ruby or what not , but it would require at least a

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