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+ - NASA Captures, Releases Footage of Critically "Dangerous" Tornadoes on the Sun->

Submitted by Rebecka Schumann
Rebecka Schumann (2944841) writes "A recent video released from the NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory (SDO) shows a sped up version of a 38-hour tornado experience on the sun. Throughout the one-minute clip, multiple tornadoes can be seen making contact.

NASA chief Charles Bolden said space weather can be devastating to those on Earth who claimed strong solar storms in space can interfere with communication satellites if aimed at our planet. NASA has recently joined with the United Nations in an effort to better understand in the impact of space storms, an issue which Bolden says could possibly cause effects on a global scale."

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NASA Captures, Releases Footage of Critically "Dangerous" Tornadoes on the Sun

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