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Aguazul2 (2591049) writes "The German software giant SAP has announced it plans to recruit hundreds of people with autism within the next few years. The project has already started in India and Ireland where a total of 11 people with autism are employed by the company. The programme to take on software testers, programmers and data management workers will spread across Germany, Canada and the US this year. People with autism have a neural development disorder that often undermines their ability to communicate and interact socially [...] but in the world of computers the tendencies they often display such as an obsession for detail and an ability to analyse long sets of data very accurately can translate into highly useful and marketable skills."
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German IT Firm seeks Autistic Workers

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  • I have been saying for a long time if these are our "best and brightest" can we give our worst and dullest a chance to see if things get any better?

    Considering how poor SAP software is, this might produce a better product in the long run.

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