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+ - Independent testing of E-Cat device results in paper, claims 'anomalous energy'.->

Submitted by JRowe47
JRowe47 writes: Andrea Rossi is back in the public eye again, standing firmly behind his apparent invention of a new energy production system. He allowed several scientists from various universities to attach whatever measuring apparatus they wanted to his system, and they seem to have done a thorough job. Here is the abstract (click on the pdf link to get the full paper.) http://arxiv.org/abs/1305.3913

They're claiming the energy put into the system was 35kWh, while they got 195kWh out, with 160 net. For the same weight of this stuff as gasoline, you get around 32 times the energy output.

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Independent testing of E-Cat device results in paper, claims 'anomalous energy'.

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