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+ - Why aren't Microsoft's competitors joining in on the Windows 8 jokes?->

Submitted by colinneagle
colinneagle (2544914) writes "Everyone has an opinion on Windows 8, and we're all having a blast making fun of it — except for Microsoft's competitors. Strangely, we've had no "I'm a Mac" ads, and it's not just because those ads backfired the first time around. So where are the attacks? Google, Samsung and Apple should be all over this; instead, they are MIA. Apple can't say too much because its MacBook sales are down along with PC sales. So it's rather difficult to blame Windows 8 for MacBook sales. Google has been strangely quiet, even as Microsoft pounds on it from multiple fronts. There's the Scroogled ads, the Bing It On ads, and now a new ad campaign lambasting Google Docs.

In the case of Google, Microsoft's attack ads aren't working. Google's lead in search remains untouchable and Bing is settling for scraps. Samsung isn't ready to go to war with Microsoft, although it has taken a jab. Thus far, that's as much as they will do, and that's good. As for Apple, I suspect it may have written off Microsoft, and perhaps the PC business. The "I'm a Mac" ads were in the pre-iPad days. Tablets have changed things forever, now that Apple has validated the concept."

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Why aren't Microsoft's competitors joining in on the Windows 8 jokes?

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