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+ - What follows shouldn't have been possible, but Verizon managed to pull it off:

Submitted by MakerDusk
MakerDusk (2712435) writes "This evening, on a network I administer, I noticed an oddity with Verizon's mobile network. Two unique users on different devices with the same WAN IP.

Posted with the users' permission
* Client connecting: Tootsie ( [174.229.xx.99] {?} [Tootsie]
* Client connecting: Laen ( [174.229.xx.99] {?} [Laen]

After some investigation, it turned out to be a NAT collison on the Verizon end. The devices in question were a Sony Xperia and a Droid X. As can be expected, the phones fought for a bit, including freezing. Even after multiple restarts, the phones continued to obtain the same IP address from Verizon. At the moment, both phones are offline, and are unable to obtain a signal, thusly forcing the users to move back to their computers in order to continue fueling their IRC addiction.

To all this, I only have one thing to say: well done, Verizon."

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What follows shouldn't have been possible, but Verizon managed to pull it off:

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