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+ - Skylab: America's First Space Station Launched 40 Years Ago Today->

Submitted by cold fjord
cold fjord (826450) writes "So many things have happened in space technology and space flight that it is easy to overlook the pioneering work of Skylab, the first space station orbited by the United States. Today is the 40th anniversary of its launch: "With all the futuristic talk today about missions to Mars, lunar bases and asteroid mining, it's easy to forget that man has already been living off of the planet on and off for decades. Forty years ago today, Skylab — America's first outpost in space — was launched. The three-man orbiting laboratory was designed to conduct scientific experiments in space, such as studies of the effects of weightlessness on man and other living organisms, and observations of the sun."
NASA roundtable: NASAtelevision — 40th Anniversary of Skylab
NASA documentary: Skylab — The First 40 Days (1973)
NASA mission info: Skylab — America's First Space Station
Skylab Infographics
Skylab eventually reentered the atmosphere, broke up, and the pieces landed in Australia, where they made their way to Australian museums."

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Skylab: America's First Space Station Launched 40 Years Ago Today

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