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+ - State Dept Demands Takedown Of 3D-Printed Gun File Under Export Control Laws-> 2

Submitted by Sparrowvsrevolution
Sparrowvsrevolution (1926150) writes "The battle for control of dangerous digital shapes may have just begun. On Thursday, Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson received a letter from the State Department Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance demanding that he take down the online blueprints for the 3D-printable “Liberator” handgun that his group released Monday, along with nine other 3D-printable firearms components hosted on the group’s website, while it reviews the files for compliance with export control laws for weapons known as the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, or ITAR. By uploading the weapons files to the Internet and allowing them to be downloaded abroad, the letter implies Wilson’s high-tech gun group may have violated those export controls.

Of course, the files have already been downloaded 100,000 times and found there way to the Pirate Bay, so the State Department's data control attempts are likely futile.

Cody Wilson has agreed to take down the files from his website, but compares the move to the State Department investigation of Phillip Zimmermann for putting encryption software online in 1993, which was based on the same arms export laws. "It's PGP all over again," he says."

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State Dept Demands Takedown Of 3D-Printed Gun File Under Export Control Laws

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