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Devastated and wiped out by superstorm Sandy, Verizon has no plans to rebuild its copper-line telephone network in Mantoloking. Instead, Verizon says Mantoloking is the first town in New Jersey, and one of the few areas in the country, to have a new service called Verizon Voice Link. Essentially, it connects your home’s wired and cordless telephones to the Verizon Wireless network.

So no copper or fiber to a fairly densely populated area. Comcast will now be the only voice/data option with copper to the area."
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Verizon too cheap to lay copper or fiber in area devastated by superstorm Sandy

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    Sounds like Verizon has figured out what everyone else should. Don't build stuff in areas where it's probably going to get wiped out at some point. Insurance companies and the government (flood insurance) are just now starting to realize the same thing and are either refusing to insure, or charging enormous premiums, for people who want to live in these areas and have the rest of us bail them out every decade or two. Bottom line is don't buy or build in these areas unless you can afford to take care of y

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