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+ - Japanese Police Urge ISPs to Block Tor-> 2

Submitted by hypnosec
hypnosec (2231454) writes "Authorities in Japan are presumably worried about their inability to tackle cybercrime and, in a bid to stem one of the sources of anonymous traffic, the National Police Agency (NPA) is asking ISPs to block Tor. The recommendation comes from the special panel formed by the NPA after a hacker going by the name Demon Killer was found to regularly used Tor to anonymize his online activities like posting of death threats of public message boards."
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Japanese Police Urge ISPs to Block Tor

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  • So punish everyone that's using Tor. Great.

    Also, some person used a knife to commit a crime. Obviously there will be a ban on all knives.
    Also, some person ran over someone with a car. Obviously there will be a ban on all cars.
    Also, some person drowned another person. Obviously there will be a ban on water.

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