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+ - Google forbid users to sell or loan Glass->

Submitted by simeontuoyo
simeontuoyo (2900143) writes "After much excitement from the first would-be owners who finally bought Glass for $1500, the search giant is refusing users to resell or rent the wearable device out.
According to Google ‘terms of service’ concerning Glass, you are not permitted to resell, loan or even auction the device. If you do, Google has the rights to deactivate the device, no money back and no access to Glass. It beat my imagination that companies these days now have the rights to retain their products even after the consumer acquired them.
One would-be owner of Glass auctioned the device on eBay. After receiving the news, he halted the auction. The auction began at$5000, and with so many people trying to lay their hands on the device, it’s a lost opportunity to make $100,000 off something that only cost $1500.
Google knows when you resell or loan the device because each device is registered under the buyer’s Google"

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Google forbid users to sell or loan Glass

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