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Submission + - Open Group Publishes IT Supply Chain Security Standard to Prevent Counterfeits->

hypnosec writes: The Open Group has published a 32-page technical security standard focusing on supply-chain safety to fight against the dangers of counterfeit and tampered IT products. Published by Open Group's Trusted Technology Forum (OTTF), the standard dubbed “Open Trusted Technology Provider Standard (O-TTPS)," provides a set of requirements, guidelines along with recommendations that, if implemented, would enable technology acquirers to reduce the risk of acquiring counterfeit or tampered products. The O-TTPS standard intends to provide an assurance that the supplier in question has a set of both logical and physical security controls in place right down to the point where open-source components are in use and that the supplied components / products are not counterfeit or tampered with.
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Open Group Publishes IT Supply Chain Security Standard to Prevent Counterfeits

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